How to Use Ant Egg Oil

*Depilate to the root of the hair with classic methods (wax, tweezers, epilation). If you are using a razor blade, the product will not work. You should get at the root hairs.

*After you have cleaned the area, put Tala Ant Egg Oil on the clean area and massage for about 10 minutes.

*Do this on 4 or 5 nights before you go to sleep.

*It will be enough for first session. You will notice that your hair is getting less.

Even after the first use, you will see the hair thinned.

The following months you will do the same thing in 4 to 6 more sessions (it will takeabout 6 months) and you won’t have any hair on your body anymore, forever.

If you hurt yourself during cleaning the hairy area somehow, you should take a showeror wash the area where you hurt yourself with cold water,  then wait for a while and put on our product.

Please don’t forget that you have to use the product after you have cleaned the area very thoroughly and massage it.

You should wait until your hair grows back. You should do this in 4 to 6 more sessions.


Tala Ant Egg Oil is produced in Turkey.

It contains 100% natural ant oil, that’s why you could use our product on your face and even the most sensitive areas of your body. It doesn’t have any side effects.

1 or 2 bottles of ant oil are enough to solve your complete facial hair problems.

The most important thing is Tala Ant Egg Oil can not be produced in laboratories because of the unique protein. There are lots of fake ant egg oil products so you should buy original ant egg oil.

Please do not compromise your health.

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